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What is Neighbors Network?

Neighbors Network is a self-governing, Member-driven, nonprofit organization designed for active older adults who want to continue living in their own homes with confidence that they can get support for some of the tasks and activities they may want help with. We provide Volunteer services and social opportunities that add to the quality of their lives. The assistance of Volunteers and community partners, and the availability of professional service providers recommended by members, enhances our mission: Neighbors Helping Neighbors Stay Independent, Active, Connected.

Who developed this idea?

Beacon Hill Village in Boston was the first village model organization in 2001. Now there are 200 operating villages across the country with several hundred in the planning stage. Most villages have members age 55+ and most have a defined geographic area.

Who are our Members?

Adults 55+ who want to stay in their own homes, condos or apartments as they grow older and who value the connection to a support network for both the practical tasks of keeping a home, as well as their social needs. Our geographic area includes Maitland, Eatonville , Winter Park , Casselberry , Fern Park , Orlando North of Colonial , College Park , Baldwin Park, Altamonte Springs below 436, including Spring Valley and Spring Lake Hills.

Who are the Volunteers?

Some of our Volunteers are also Members; some are local adults who support their community; others are young people with a commitment to Volunteer service. Volunteers provide assistance to our Members and also to the organization through office support and community outreach. All Volunteers who work with our Members have passed a background check and all drivers have passed a Motor Vehicle Operator Check.

What kind of services are provided?

Typical Volunteer services include things like: basic household tasks and repairs, closet reorganizing, bringing unwanted items to a donation center or books to the library, organizing paperwork, assisting with moving items in the home, helping with computers and other technology, reading to a Member whose vision has diminished, helping with seasonal yard work, driving to medical appointments, assisting with grocery shopping, friendly phone calls or visits, and much more.

What if I need services that Volunteers can’t provide?

Neighbors Network gathers names of professional service providers recommended by Members, Volunteers and others we trust. These may include specialized tasks like appliance repair, carpet cleaning, handyman service, and tree removal. Members contact the service providers directly, assess their services and costs, and then contract with and pay for services directly with their chosen service provider.

Who are our Affinity Partners?

Neighbors Network supports effective community service providers rather than duplicating efforts. A selected Affinity Partner is: Caregiver Central, a web-based assessment and referral tool provided by Share the Care, Inc. that is a gateway to vetted health and home care services.

What is Neighbors Network’s Membership fee?

Individual Membership is $375 annually or $500 per household. When paid annually, you receive a 20% discount ($300 / $400). Or, you may pay quarterly. Reduced Fee Membership Grants (scholarships) may be available based on eligibility. A Member Application is available by clicking here. A home visit by a Neighbors Network Ambassador (an experienced Volunteer) provides an opportunity for further questions and information exchange. Contact Neighbors Network at 321-209-2775 with questions or to have an application mailed to you.

Is Membership tax deductible?

Membership is not tax deductible since services and benefits are received by Members. However, donations are most welcome and are fully tax deductible since Neighbors Network is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Click Here to Donate.

If Members Volunteer, does it reduce their Membership fee??

“Neighbor Helping Neighbor” is an important value at Neighbors Network. While there is no requirement to volunteer, and members receive the same benefits whether they volunteer or not, members are always welcome to volunteer in some way. Volunteer hours are tracked, and volunteers are recognized at an annual Volunteer Appreciation event for the time, effort and expertise they have contributed. However, volunteer hours do not convert to a dollar value.

How do I know the Volunteers entering my house are trustworthy?

All Neighbors Network volunteers must pass a background check; volunteer drivers also must pass a driving background check and provide proof of insurance. Our volunteers are people we know; they are an important part of the Neighbors Network community and many are members of Neighbors Network themselves. A Volunteer application can be found by clicking here.

Are ride services included in my Neighbors Network membership?

With our Volunteers, we are able to offer approximately one ride per week for Members, if needed. All Neighbors Network Volunteer drivers must pass a background check and a driving background check, as well as provide a current Florida Drivers License and proof of insurance. Our Volunteers are people we know, an important part of the Neighbors Network community and many are Members of Neighbors Network themselves. A Volunteer application can be found by clicking here.

Is in-home care included in my Neighbors Network membership?

Neighbors Network is not a healthcare provider. Instead, Members have access to the online assessment tool,, provided to our local community through our partner, Share the Care. This caregiver self-assessment provides the user with a personalized menu of local community service providers specifically generated by the assessment information. Information about six categories of services are available: home care, home-delivered meals, home medical equipment, care management, assisted living, and adult day care. Members can select from their list of vetted service providers, and then contract with and pay for services directly with their chosen service providers.