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Becoming a member gives you the opportunity to continue living the life you love. Live in your home, connect with other members, get involved in your community, and be surrounded by people you can trust.

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If you can not become a member or a volunteer but would still like to help…


As we grow older, living in our own homes can become more challenging. Activities that once came easy, like spring cleaning, grocery shopping, changing a lightbulb, get a bit harder. You want to keep living your life from the home you love. You just want a little help. That’s why we created Neighbors Network.

Neighbors Network is a member organization for adults age 55+ in Winter Park, Maitland, and the surrounding area who want to age at home with confidence. Through volunteers, service providers recommended by other members, and community partners, Neighbors Network provides the support that allows older adults to continue living and thriving in their homes and community.