A founding value of Neighbors Network is community collaboration, which is a continuing commitment to work with, not compete with, other community organizations. As we planned the structure of Neighbors Network we found that several key elements of “village living” were being addressed by other groups. These elements are personal transportation, individualized healthcare support, and health and wellness programs. Four organizations were invited to become Affinity Partners of Neighbors Network and have been important participants in the planning and ongoing implementation of how we work together in the local community.


Rollins Center for Lifelong Learning

A wealth of research tells us that older adults who continue learning and staying engaged in their community are more likely to maintain good mental and physical health for years to come. Plus learning and conversing with others is fun! The Rollins Center for Lifelong Learning offers seniors a wide variety of short-term classes in topics ranging from gardening and food to art, writing, and current events. No grades, no term papers, and free parking! Click on the link to learn more and see a listing of current classes.

Health-related services may be an ongoing or episodic need for any Neighbors Network member at any time. Share the Care, Inc. has developed and implemented an online caregiver self-assessment that provides the user with a personalized menu of local community service providers specifically generated by the individual assessment information. These providers are vetted and screened annually. Neighbors Network members will be assisted in completing the online assessment.? Information on six categories of service providers will be available to NN members through home care, home-delivered meals, home medical equipment, care management, assisted living, and adult day care.

Our Whole Community

The wellness and health education programs of this collaboration of local faith communities are shared with Neighbors Network members, who are encouraged to get involved in personal health pursuits, such as fitness classes and community gardening.

Independent Transportation Network (ITN)?

Transportation is a large component of most “village” services across the country. Our great advantage in having the resources of ITN-Orlando is that our two organizations can collaboratively serve older adults more effectively together. A Neighbors Network member who needs transportation as a service can request our volunteer driving service. However, if the level of transportation service is more than occasional, we recommend our member also explore an ITN membership.