Become A Volunteer

Volunteers are at the heart of Neighbors Network! We all want to enjoy our lives in our own homes as we grow older. As a Neighbors Network Volunteer, you offer your time and talents to help a Member with tasks that may seem simple or ordinary, like changing light bulbs and smoke detector batteries or organizing mail and papers. However, this “simple” Volunteer help may make the difference between someone staying safely in a cherished home or having to consider leaving it. Our Members who live alone say that having friendly Volunteer visits as well as assistance makes a positive difference in their lives.

Member requests are organized by our Volunteer Coordinator using our special online system. Occasionally, there may be a phone call or two that will clarify details about the request. Our goal is to ensure a good match between what a Member needs and what a Volunteer has time and skills to offer.

Being a “regular” volunteer?

That doesn’t mean Volunteering every day or even every week. It means you can offer to do the tasks you like with the skills you like to use, on the days/times you may be available. Volunteers will complete a Volunteer Application (click here) and we require a background check, at our expense. We?ll interview you and gather some information which will help the Volunteer Coordinator match you with various Member requests. Volunteers will receive orientation and any necessary training prior to Volunteering and will be provided a Volunteer Handbook as well as opportunities to meet each other.

Other volunteer opportunities?

Neighbors Network schedules “service days” throughout the year. These are days when any Member can sign up for some group help, such as: Volunteers spending several hours helping to clean out a garage, tidy up a garden or patio, haul away debris or donations, etc.

Youth groups, sororities, fraternities, faith community groups, civic clubs and work teams are welcome; students may earn community service hours.

NOTE to group leaders who wish to involve a student or youth group:
Please contact Neighbors Network at (321) 209-2775 to make prior arrangements. The sponsoring organization will need to provide transportation for its Volunteers.

Opportunities are also available for those who wish to help us grow Neighbors Network with organizational tasks like data entry, phone calls, social media, and representing us at public events. Several committees exist that are always seeking new, energetic Members.

Neighbors Network is part of building the kind of community in which we all want to live. A community where we can count on each other for support. To print a flyer with information about Neighbors Network’s approach to Volunteering, Click Here.

To sign up to be a Neighbors Network Volunteer, fill out and submit this Volunteer Application form online (click here) or download the form (click here), complete, and return it to:

Volunteer Coordinator, Neighbors Network
P.O. Box 941417
Maitland, FL 32751

Sample Volunteer Tasks:

  • driving to medical appointments, grocery store, etc.
  • helping with electronic devices
  • taking a walk with Member(s)
  • home organizing tasks
  • reading aloud
  • moving furniture/boxes
  • friendly visiting
  • grocery shopping
  • preparing for a party
  • helping with pet care
  • sharing a hobby
  • “handyman” assistance
  • vacuuming