Member Benefits & Services

Neighbors Network Members enjoy both tangible and intangible benefits. Assistance provided by Neighbors Network volunteers and providers may result in cost savings, while other benefits offer comfort, peace of mind, social connections, new learning, and reduced stress. Listed below are some of the benefits available to members.

Volunteer Assistance

Volunteer assistance is included in the membership fee and includes such typical tasks as:

  • minor home repairs
  • troubleshooting home maintenance issues
  • help with computers and electronic devices
  • organizing computer files and e-mail
  • changing light bulbs and smoke detector batteries
  • organizing closets, storage areas, or the garage
  • friendly visits and reassurance calls
  • getting a guest room ready for visitors
  • reading or helping with mail, etc.
  • a ride to or from a medical appointment
  • pick up and return library books; organizing books
  • pick up and deliver items for donation, or to be shredded
  • drive to do food shopping plus assistance as needed
  • assistance planning a party
  • accompany you and your pet to a vet visit
  • hang pictures and assist with holiday decor
  • move furniture, boxes, and bulky items
  • meal delivered during time of need
  • light garden chores; seasonal tidying the patio

Access to other Service Providers

Some tasks may be beyond a Volunteer’s skill or experience, so Neighbors Network provides our members with access to quality service providers for a variety of home maintenance and personal tasks. We ensure that all service providers meet quality standards and are “vetted” (screened) for safety and reliability. It is the member’s responsibility to contact these providers to compare fees and services, arrange for services, and make payment.

Access to Health and Home Care Providers

Neighbors Network’s affinity partner, Share the Care, maintains a network of screened health and home care providers. To access a provider, Neighbors Network members will go through Share the Care’s free, online caregiver assessment known as Caregiver Central ( It is the member’s responsibility to contact these providers to compare fees and services, arrange for services, and make payment.

Programs and Activities

Our monthly calendar is a member benefit: “Theatre Goers”: half price tickets for our group attending local live theatre; “Walk the Parks” monthly walking group; the monthly “Lunch Out” group; as well as special events and get togethers. Volunteer Specials include Mattress Flipping in the fall & spring and Holiday Décor Team Visits in December. Through our Affinity Partners, Community Supporters and other local organizations, Neighbors Network occasionally hosts and often informs members about programs and activities happening in the area. These include: classes offered by The Center for Lifelong Learning at Rollins College; gardening, nutrition and exercise classes sponsored by Our Whole Community; theater productions at The Winter Park Playhouse, community library programs, and others.

Volunteer Opportunities

Neighbors Network offers members the opportunity to give of their time and talents to other members in ways that are meaningful, yet comfortable for them. Our member-volunteers are recognized for their contribution at a Volunteer Appreciation Event.

Neighbors Network Newsletter and Website

Regular information about events and community activities is shared with members through the Neighbors Network website, and our e-newsletter. Members who prefer will be mailed a printed newsletter.

Service Area

Neighbors Network provides services in the geographic area of Maitland and Winter Park, including Eatonville and several close-by neighborhoods. A map is available on our website: Click Here