Become a Member

Becoming a Neighbors Network Member is Easy!

Are you ready to join?

Step 1.  Download the Member Application Form, complete it and return it to:

Neighbors Network
P.O. Box 941417
Maitland, FL 32751

Step 2.  We’ll receive your application and schedule a time for one of our Volunteer Ambassadors to visit you in your home to complete the membership enrollment process. This home visit takes less than an hour and gives you a chance to get any questions answered and to get to know us better. In addition, we can learn about your preferences, interests, talents and needs. You may provide payment at that time.

We will enter your information in our private computer system where we can match volunteer availability and skills to your member requests… and you can begin contacting us with any needs you may have or to get involved in activities or volunteering. You will receive a “member request phone number” at this time, as well as a Member Handbook. You can also make requests by e-mail to our Volunteer Coordinator.

Still thinking about joining?

We understand that actually deciding to join may not be easy! If you have some questions or just want some help thinking it through, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 321-209-2775. To help you in the decision-making process, here are some useful resources. 
• Download our Member Flyer to share with your family members, neighbors and friends. 
• Encourage your family and supporters to visit this website to learn more about us. 
• Read about a research study looking at organization like Neighbors Network: Social_and_Economic_Value_of_Village_Membership_11_12_13[1]